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How teaching you helps ME immensely ...

Over the past four years of teaching full-time, I can honestly say I’ve never left a class feeling worse than when I arrived; it’s always the opposite!

Fellow yoga teachers, I’m sure you can relate: sometimes, when I’m feeling low due to personal issues or just having a bad day, I find myself driving to class thinking, “How on earth am I going to pull this off?” It can be challenging to show up in front of a group of yogis and lead a class when I feel close to tears. Whether I choose to share my feelings at the start (which I sometimes do) or not, I can guarantee I’ll walk away feeling ten times better than when I arrived.


* I have tendencies to be quite an anxious, overwhelmed and hyperactive person. But when I teach, everything fades into the background. I feel calm and completely present!

* Speaking clearly, slowly, and calmly while guiding you through breath and movement helps me reconnect with my own breath, helping to calm my nervous system.

* The physicality of demonstrating and being in the space, although sometimes tiring, helps me harness and shift energy.

* I truly believe that at least at this moment in time teaching is my purpose (my Dharma), and being in connection with my students is when I feel most alive. How lucky am I to do this for a living?

* Teaching multiple times every day brings me back to the teachings and ancient wisdom, continuing to remind me and keeping me inspired and connected to my path.

* Most importantly, you! Seeing your faces, witnessing you showing up for yourself again and again, watching you journey through your practice, work through physical and mental challenges, and experience the benefits of your sadhana both on and off the mat—it’s an honour beyond words

* Lastly, our interactions and friendships mean the world to me, our chats before and after class, and the giggles during, bring SO much joy. Thank you for always being kind, supportive, and caring. To all my yogis Southend-On-Sea based, past and present, across various counties and places, thank you. You bring immense meaning and joy to my life!


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