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Group studio/online classes 

I absolutely adore public, community-driven classes. In these sessions, we not only move, breathe, and laugh but also express ourselves authentically, forming deep connections through our shared practices.


Currently, I'm teaching at three beautiful  local studios in Essex! You can easily book in-studio classes online via the studio's website, while online classes can be booked directly through me. I can't wait to have you join the experience!

Corporate Wellbeing 

Engaging in corporate wellbeing is an immensely fulfilling aspect of my work. Whether it involves weekly company sessions, small team immersions, or comprehensive wellbeing workshops incorporating breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation, the positive responses from employees have been truly heartwarming. Many have shared transformative experiences, highlighting how their days have positively shifted from our time together.

Teacher trainings 

The newest part of my ventures. As you’ll know if you have taken a Yoga Teacher training course, they are truly LIFE CHANGING experiences. SO powerful and profound, they can reshape the course of your life. The experience of learning, living and growing together for up to a month, is unlike anything else! I’m so proud to be teaching with The Peaceful Warriors on their upcoming Portugal 200hr Yoga Teacher Training In July! 


More trainings are in the pipeline, so 

watch this space.

Private Classes

For the past four years, I've been providing personalised 1:1 sessions, and some of my fabulous yogis have been with me right from the beginning! These bespoke sessions, whether in person or online, are tailored to meet your specific needs, maximising your time on the mat at a schedule that suits you. The diversity of my 1:1 classes is truly awe-inspiring, ranging from restorative yoga, breathwork coaching to functional movement addressing body mechanics for strength, correct alignment, and stress relief. The possibilities are limitless, making these sessions some of the most rewarding work I have the privilege to offer.


I am passionate about bringing communities together and creating a profound, intimate space, which is why I organize workshops and events. These gatherings are opportunities to learn, share, and grow together! 


These are always changing as Inspiration arises, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events!

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