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Shannon has been teaching weekly Yoga classes and also running regular mindfulness/meditation workshops for Cytiva employees for around 3 years.


All her classes have a core group of regular attendees who love her commitment, passion and enthusiasm for Yoga. Each lessons is carefully planned in advance and varies from week to week, thus ensuring we are constantly surprised and challenged. She caters for all abilities and always gently encourages us to fully embrace the class and make the most of the time we have together, incorporating mindfulness and teaching us about core Yoga values at the same time. Each move is carefully explained and her classes flow very easily.


I would thoroughly recommend trying one of her classes whether you are a novice or an expert, there is something for everyone.

Liza Edington (Wellbeing Lead for Amersham Place – Cytiva)

Shannon's love of yoga is utterly contagious! In both group classes and 1:1 sessions, you can't help but join in with her enthusiasm and love of practice. 
Her encouragement and teaching have had a real impact on my progress. She has also been keen to share her knowledge of the spiritual traditions and origins of yoga, helping me to explore and enjoy meditation and extend the influence of yoga in my life.


I started taking slow flow and mindfulness classes with Living in Touch over a year ago, having never really tried yoga or knowing much about the philosophy. Shannon's passion for yoga is infectious and makes each class a relaxed and engaging environment, making it easy to open up and really immerse yourself in the practice and the teachings on offer. These classes have played a huge part in my own journey to reconnect with myself and I am so grateful for that


Shannon is simply breathtaking! Her love for life and understanding of the importance of doing things that feed your soul are evident in her yoga practice. When she teaches me all my external/internal worries melt away to the soothing sounds of her voice. She guides me through my practice effortlessly and makes me feel calm and centred. There’s no practice quite like another, each session we move forward towards achieving aspirations we have set around my personal reasons for doing yoga. She is endlessly encouraging and adjusts our practice to suit the way my body/mind are feeling on that particular day. Her in depth knowledge and love of yoga give me the reassurance I need to continually push myself to try poses that are more complex and it’s obvious that she takes pride in seeing my abilities improve. I’ve practiced with several different yoga teachers and Shannons unique style is second to none.


Shannon’s Zoom yoga classes are varied, fun and informed. They are the perfect balance of challenging and relaxing, and it is clear that Shannon has so much knowledge about the yogic traditions. It’s a joy to learn from her as a teacher and be a part of the community of people she teaches. Thanks Shannon!


I always look forward to and really enjoy Shannon’s Slow Flow and Mindfulness classes. They’re both relaxing and uplifting: a little evening sanctuary. Shannon’s style is warm, friendly and understanding and she brings fresh ideas to create a very restorative practice.


Shannon, is a fantastic teacher, and also a genuinely lovely person. Her directions are clear and precise so you’re not looking up to check you’re doing the right thing, and she’s very observant, constantly checking you’re positioning. Her classes are truly for all levels, and although you’ve worked hard you’ll come out relaxed. The classes are amazing and really enjoyable if you attend regularly it is more of a course moving though different focuses which I love, adding new techniques every week to get more from each pose as you progress, as well as exploring new ones. I also love the yoga in the park that’s on offer from the summer time it’s so fun. I’m a nut shell the best yoga teacher for me…


Shannon's classes are incredible! I have done a few yoga classes before but am still very much a beginner, her classes are achievable and enough of a challenge I really feel like I have made progress
They have also really helped my understand more about yoga practice and benifit from it more
The best weekend wind down!!


My daughter started doing Shannon’s childrens yoga classes during lockdown and has absolutely loved them. Shannon is so friendly and makes her feel really comfortable and confident and she really looks forward to her hour of yoga each week. Can 100% recommend for any other families who’s children could use an hour to concentrate on themselves. Thank you Shannon!


I've never really thought yoga was for me as I'm not flexible but there is so much more to yoga than how well you can reach your toes etc. Shannon is such a brilliant teacher, explains all moves and gives different levels depending on your ability with lots of encouragement. In the short time I've been taking part in Shannon's yoga classes I've felt calmer, stronger and stretched. 
Thank you Shannon!


Loving yoga!

I had been looking for a yoga class for a while, so when my friend introduced me to the beginners class with the lovely Shannon, I was excited, but a bit nervous! Before the first class I was feeling anxious, worried I would embarrass myself, but when the first session began I felt a sense of trust and wellbeing. I am so grateful to have taken the first step, I am absolutely loving it, I love the gentle, inspiring and  encouraging teaching and the way it makes you feel about yourself. I have now joined another class with Shannon and I am genuinely overwhelmed with how much it helps in all aspects of my life, mentally, knowing you’re doing something to improve your body and state of mind - that makes me happy!  My joints and movement feel much more mobile, my upper body strength has improved so much! Shannon’s made it feel so easy and worthwhile, which has helped my confidence a lot! Thank you so much!


I love Shannon's classes! I've been joining her classes for a while now and am super happy with the progress I've made. She really takes time to explain the poses as well as alternatives so you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. She curates yoga flows according to the groups experience and even after class she's there to answer questions. Can 100% recommend!


Shannon is showing me me how to improve my flexibility both physically and emotionally.  I’m loving my yoga journey!


I am fairly new to the world of yoga and was rather nervous at the start, but Shannon immediately put me at ease with her soothing voice and friendly attitude. I look forward to each session and feel like I am improving with every practice. Thanks Shannon.


Amazing yoga classes! Instructor is so calm and has a relaxing voice!
I'm really having a lovely first experience of yoga, I’ve wanted to try it for a long time but had never got around to it. I am so pleased with how much it has helped with achy joints, and back. I would definitely recommend Shannon’s classes. I always feel so much better after them!!
Thank you Shannon!!


I always thought yoga wasn’t my thing. I run,  I do Hiit my life is always 100mph so the slow pace of yoga just wasn’t for me, or so I thought. I started yoga during lockdown because my anxiety was off the scale. I thought it might help calm my mind. Not only did it do just that but I was surprised how much I also enjoy the physical side of it. Shannon is great at putting lessons together that not only give you a great stretch but also challenge your strength and muscles. I love how it makes me feel physically and mentality.  Shannon has such a calming voice that I find each week I am getting better and better at calming my 100mph mind. I look forward to my classes every week and would highly recommend to anyone weather it’s a standalone form of exercise or in support of another type you will reap the benefits and leave each class feel calm and uplifted.


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